It’s time to think outside the cup

OrganiCup was founded in Denmark in 2012 with an ambition to grow the category of reusable period products. But it’s time for a new period.

OrganiCup is evolving from a period care company to a sustainable care company. That is also why we’re changing our name from OrganiCup to AllMatters. 

For the past 9 years as OrganiCup, we’ve fought stigmas and taboos with a menstrual cup and an engaged community. We not only proved that periods are a natural part of our lives, but we also replaced the need for disposable products that harm our bodies and our environment.

Ultimately, we inspired change in daily habits and old ways.Your commitment to change inspires us to work towards an even greater impact. That is why the natural next step for us is expanding our product line with our take on the products we reuse again and again within personal care. 

Because as great as our battle has been, we can’t fight single-use waste with a menstrual cup alone – a conscious lifestyle should go beyond our choice of period products. The OrganiCup taught us that small changes make a big impact – AllMatters is the continuation of that.

Our promise is to help our customers live more consciously. To make it simple and satisfying for everyone to make small changes in their everyday routines that collectively contribute to a better world. Because it AllMatters.

We hope you’ll join us in this new chapter – learn more about our new product line.

Small actions can make a big impact. It AllMatters.