Essential Oil

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Ships in plastic-free packaging

Our unique Essential Oil is the perfect add-on to your AllMatters Powder-to-Foam Hand Wash or Body Wash, if you prefer a scented version. Made of a unique blend of essential oils that are all natural.

Can also be used in a diffuser or humidifier.

Warm, woody, herbal, citrusy

  • Co-create your own hand or body wash
  • Made from all natural oils
  • Unique AllMatters blend
  • Manufactured in Denmark
  • Unisex scent

Step 1
Add the AllMatters Essential Oil to your hand or body wash. Use maximum 1ml per 100ml liquid (1ml = 20 drops of oil).

Step 2
Give the hand/body wash bottle a little shake to mix in the oil.

Step 3
Your scented hand or body wash is now ready to be used!

Alternatively, you can add a few drops to your diffuser or humidifier.

The oil comes in a 10ml glass bottle with a drop lid. It is mixed and bottled in Denmark.

The bottle: Our bottle is made of glass, a material that is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly recycled with no loss of quality. Make sure to remove the plastic cap, which can also be recycled.

The packaging: All our packaging is made from recycled and/or recyclable paper and cardboard.

Please make sure to dispose of all components in the appropriate bins, according to your local recycling regulations.

Atlas Cedar, Grapefruit, Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Neroli, Rosemary.

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