Why use powder-to-foam soaps?

A staggering amount of plastic bottles gets trashed every year. In contrast, our powder-to-foam soaps can easily be mixed with water at home, in their reusable aluminium bottle.⁠⁠ By switching to our long-lasting powder refills, you’re opting out of single-use plastic, reducing your impact and saving space at home.⁠

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1 year’s use of hand wash

in an average household

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Personal care is planet care

  • No single-use plastic

    A timeless bottle that’s designed to last.

  • Feel-good foam

    Mix your own skin-friendly foamy soap at home.

  • Lasting convenience

    Refill forever – your cost-efficient choice.

No single-use plastic

Conventional personal care products, such as shampoo, body wash and hand soap, can consist of up to 85% water and are often packaged in single-use plastic bottles. The fact that our products exclude water and the need for single-use bottles, means the impact of shipping them to you is significantly decreased.

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Clean and conscious formulas

Our powder-to-foam products are developed with only the necessary ingredients, and none of the harsh ingredients, fragrances or dyes – making them skin- and planet-friendly. Our products are registered with The Vegan Society and AllergyCertified.

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A little goes a long way

Compared to liquid soaps, foam soaps last twice as long. This is because, although any foam soap starts out as liquid, it then passes through the bottle's pump, where air is injected into it and foam is made. Even a small amount lathers easily, giving you the impression that you're using a lot. And just as less soap is used, less water is needed – studies show that foam soap users use 10% less water to rinse off.

Let’s mix things up

Your homemade soap in just three simple steps.

  • Fill the reusable aluminium bottle with warm tap water.

  • Add one powder refill and mix with water. Shake the bottle and wait for 2 minutes.

  • Your foaming, gentle wash is ready to be used.

Carefully made

All materials used in our products are chosen based on their sustainability and recyclability.

  • Recycled cardboard

    Our packaging boxes are made of recycled cardboard and all instructions are printed directly on it to prevent additional waste. By minimising its size, we reduce emissions from transportation.

  • Uncoloured plastic

    Our pump is made of uncoloured plastic – by not mixing it with other materials (like a metal top), it can more easily be recycled. Both the bottle and its pump are meant to last for years.

  • Aluminium

    Our bottle is made of aluminium, a durable material meant to be infinitely recycled. In fact, around 75% of all aluminium ever made is still in use today. Both the bottle and its pump are reusable for years.