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We have made a collection of frequently asked questions.

The menstrual cup

We usually suggest bringing some bottled water with you or using a disinfecting wipe such as an OrganiWipe in a public bathroom. If you don’t have either, you can simply wipe it clean with toilet paper and clean it once you have access to a sink, at home for instance. But because it holds more than 3 super tampons, most people only have to empty it in the morning and in the evening, in the comfort of their own home. 

When inserted correctly, the cup shouldn't leak if it’s not completely full (and presuming you have the right size). The key to a leak free period is to make sure the suction seal is created and that the cup is completely unfolded inside you. After inserting, you should pinch the bottom of the cup (or insert your index finger alongside the cup) and slighlty rotate it until it unfolds without any dents around and until it doesn't move downwards when pulling the stem. This is how you know the suction seal is in place. For more tips & tricks check out our guide 'How to Use a Menstrual Cup' here.

The material of the cup is tested to last for years. The majority of our customers choose to replace it after 2-3 years, but if there's no visible damage to it you can keep using it. We recommend that you replace it if the material starts getting sticky or cracks. Learn more.

Yes, the cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone, which is a material that has been tested for bio compatibility and is safe to wear inside the body. It doesn’t contain BPA or latex. Our menstrual cup is also AllergyCertified and registered with The Vegan Society. Learn more

The cup can be used with an IUD, but it is important to release the suction seal before removal. We recommend consulting with your gynecologist prior to use and if you just had your IUD fitted, you should wait at least 2 cycles before you start using a menstrual cup. Learn more.

Period underwear

You can wear period underwear for as long as your flow allows – some can wear it for a full day, while others use it as a backup for a cup or tampon. We generally recommend you use them for 8-12 hours. You can also use period underwear overnight and for spotting or discharge. The underwear itself lasts for years.

We recommend that you have 3-4 pairs of period underwear so you can change into a new pair after wearing them for 8-12 hours. Wash and dry the used ones before reusing.

You can tell by looking at the seams of the gusset. If you see blood at the seams or if the underwear feels wet, this is an indication that you should change them soon. In the beginning it can be difficult to know how long you can wear them for but you will quickly get a sense of your flow and how long you can be leak-free for. 

The AllMatters period underwear can hold the equivalent of 1-2 regular tampons worth of blood (10ml). This means that some can wear it for a full day, while others use it as a backup for a cup or tampon.

Yes. The inner layer (made partly from merino wool) is naturally antibacterial and anti-odour. After use, rinse out the absorbed blood in cold water and then hand wash cold with a mild detergent or machine wash cold(30°). Hang to dry and they are ready to be used again.

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