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The CampusCup project is paused for the time being. If you'd be interested in bulk ordering at a reduced price instead, contact us!


Make an impact on your campus

We did the maths and guess what: a medium-sized university (10,000 students) uses as much as2.9 million disposable period products per year.The AllMatters menstrual cup, however, is reusable for years and has a minimal impact on the environment.

2 years of period products

Sustainable You(th)

Younger generations have been taking environmental matters into their own hands, which results in on-campus initiatives to raise awareness for those issues – we want to encourage them further.A more sustainable life starts with everyday habits and choosing a reusable period product is an impactful way to cut down on waste. That is why, we want to make sure menstrual cups are at every student’s disposal.

The CampusCup experience

Here’s what students at the University of Connecticut, who helped us launch CampusCup, had to say about their menstrual cup experience:

“The main benefit is knowing I’ve made the decision to reduce my waste. I think that’s really important to me and to a lot of other students across this country.”

Environmental Justice advocate at UConn

“CampusCup is really great because it offers cups to students who don’t normally have access to them.”

Intern at the Office of Sustainability at UConn


35,579 students are making the switch to a cup =


pads/tampons avoided in universities across the US