Sports and menstrual cups during your period

Period paranoia when doing any physical activity is real. You can be distracted worrying if your tampon will hold up during a long practice session, if your pad will show through your clothes, and if your period underwear can handle an unexpected change in flow. Having a menstrual cup can help you get your head back in the game, so let’s talk about it.

What menstrual cups are good for sports?

Yes! There are many benefits to wearing a menstrual cup when you’re participating in sports or any physical activity. On average, menstrual cups hold more blood than disposable period products. They can also be worn for a lot longer, up to 12 hours. That gives you plenty of time to stay leak-free when practice runs over, allows you to make a stop at the gym after work, or go for a run in the morning without worrying about having to change. Studies have shown that people with periods may not exercise or participate in as much physical activity due to their periods! It’s time for a change!

The benefits of using a menstrual cup

Let’s look at the reasons why menstrual cups can be a great choice to wear during sports.

No leaks

A menstrual cup is designed to create a suction seal in the vaginal canal that can only be manually broken. When paired with the ability to hold more liquid than average period products, you’ve got a safe, convenient, and long-lasting cup that will not leak. It’s great for triathlons or long events like sailing, rowing, or cycling. It’s important to make sure your cup is inserted properly and when buying a cup, make sure to consider sizing so that it fits comfortably. We have a great size guide to help you if you’re stuck.

Comfortable and safe

When inserted correctly, you shouldn’t be able to feel your cup at all. The soft and flexible material made with 100% medical-grade silicone is completely body-safe and won’t put pressure on the vaginal wall. Our cups are also free of dyes, BPA, and other harmful substances that can be found in tampons. Because of their flexibility, menstrual cups easily adapt to movement in the body, staying in place even through intense exercise.

No dryness, inflammation, or irritation

Because menstrual cups are made with medical-grade silicone and do not absorb anything, they will not disrupt your pH balance, dry out your vagina by absorbing natural lubricants, and have a lower risk of infection and TSS. They also won’t give you pad rash, and without wings and strings, you won't have any chafing either.

Environmentally friendly

Menstrual cups are a great choice for the environment; they can last for years, and ours come in recycled and minimum packaging. You can avoid wasting thousands of disposable period products by switching to cups, and this helps by reducing our impact on our oceans and landfills.

Best menstrual cups for runners

Can you exercise with a menstrual cup? Absolutely! This is one of the most common questions we receive, and the answer is a resounding yes. When it comes to high-impact activities like running or intense workouts, choosing the best menstrual cup for runners is crucial. 

The right cup will provide comfort and security, allowing you to focus on your pace and endurance without any worries. Runners particularly benefit from the non-chafing and secure fit of a well-chosen cup.

Yoga and flexibility

Can you do yoga with a menstrual cup? Definitely. Yoga requires a lot of flexibility and movement in various poses. A menstrual cup is ideal for this activity as it stays in place and adapts to your body's movements. Whether you're doing a tranquil Hatha session or an intense Vinyasa flow, your menstrual cup will move with you, maintaining its seal and comfort.

Strength training with a menstrual cup

For those who engage in strength training, the question often arises, can you do squats with a menstrual cup? The answer is yes. During exercises like squats or weightlifting, a menstrual cup can remain securely in place. However, it's essential to choose a cup with the right firmness level to ensure that it can withstand the pressure exerted by your pelvic muscles during these intense activities.

Your period and pelvic floor

If you are an athlete or a highly active person, you might have a very strong pelvic floor. It’s important to consider a few things when buying a cup for sports. What is a pelvic floor? It’s a group of muscles that can be found at the base of your pelvis and bottom of your torso. They are responsible for keeping and holding your organs in place, like your rectum, uterus, and bladder.

When you have a strong pelvic floor, it’s essential to get a semi-firm to a firm menstrual cup. You want to do this so that your cup holds up against your pelvic floor muscles. If your cup is no match for your muscles, it might get moved, crushed, and break the seal, which can cause leaks. It’s also important to get the right size and make sure it’s properly inserted, so you have nothing to worry about it while you train or compete. You will also want to make sure your stem is at a comfortable length, and for those who incorporate flexibility into their sports, such as judo, gymnasts, or yogis, the stem might poke out in certain positions. You can always trim your stem or remove it completely.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, whether you’re doing flips, kicks, and the like, you can be protected while wearing your cup. Just remember it’s okay to trim or remove the stem if you’re finding it uncomfortable.

It’s perfectly safe to run with a menstrual cup in; it prevents chafing, allows you to go for miles, and should stay in place.

You can deadlift, squat, or press with a menstrual cup in. Make sure you try different levels of firmness because you’ll be activating and relying on your core so much. You will want a menstrual cup that can withstand the pressure.

When going for long trail rides, jumping, clinics, shows, or even bareback, wearing a menstrual cup should be completely fine.

Downward dog, headstands, right side up or upside down, there’s no worries with a menstrual cup. We’d recommend a medium or higher firmness for experienced yogis so that your cup won’t collapse. 

Absolutely! Make sure you empty your cup before getting in the pool, and as always, that it is securely sealed, and you’ll be ready to swim laps for hours.

Menstrual cups are an excellent option for athletes, sports enthusiasts, or gym rats. They offer comfort, up to 12 hours of protection, save you money, and are good for the environment. Picking a menstrual cup can be overwhelming, and you want the best protection possible, so remember to consider firmness, size, and stem length before buying your menstrual cup!